Essay on My School

I love my school! It is the place where I learn new things. I study in St. Arnold’s School located in Albuquerque. At school, we learn new things each day. Besides that, we also get to play games and pursue our hobbies.


My school is located away from the hustle and bustle of the city. It is located in a peaceful neighborhood. The school is a two storeyed building and has five wings.


My classroom is located in the third wing. My school provides amazing amenities such as lush green playgrounds, well equipped laboratories, auditorium, canteen and well equipped classrooms.


There are around 40 well trained teachers in my school. Besides that, the school also employs janitors, drivers and supporting staff.


I wake up at six in the morning and get ready for school. My mother prepares breakfast for me in the morning. She also makes sure that I’m well fed at the school. So she packs me lunch before I head for school.


I finish my breakfast by seven in the morning. Shortly after that, the school bus reaches my home. In the bus, I catch up with my close friends. The bus ride to school takes about 20 minutes. When I’ll grow older, I will cycle all the way to my school!


Classes begin at eight o’clock in the morning. Based on the timetable, teachers come and take classes. My teachers are well trained in their respective domains. They take good care of us students.


There’s lunch break at twelve in the noon. I sit with my friends in the canteen and share food with them. Lunch time if fun because we share our food with each other.


After lunch break, classes resume by one o’clock in noon. Classes end by five o’clock in the evening.


I enjoy school life. The best part about school life is sports and extra-curricular activities. I’m good at studying. But my school also motivates students to take up sports and other extra-curricular activities.


I’m part of my school’s junior soccer team. I’ve played in a handful of tournaments for my school. I’m proud to be a part of the team!


School life teaches me a lot of things. Apart from academics, school life develops my personality. My teachers have helped me be become a better student. They’ve taught be invaluable lessons such as – how to respect elders, the importance of discipline and the importance of honesty in one’s life.


In my opinion, school life shapes a student’s personality and character. I’ll always be indebted to my school and its teachers.


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