Essay on Hurricane Florence

Natural disasters cause damage to life, property and trade. It brings life to a standstill. Human beings can’t control these disasters. But we sure can face them in a planned and efficient manner. In this essay, we will discuss hurricane Florence, which rocked the Carolinas.

Hurricane Florence

Technically, it was a Cape Verde Hurricane. It originated near Cape Verde. It affected areas such as West Africa, Cape Verde, the Carolinas (in the USA) and Atlantic Canada.


In the USA, the Carolinas took most of its brunt. The hurricane caused great damage to property, business and lifestock. It crippled the life of residents and brought their lives to a standstill.


But preparation, evacuation, timely rescue efforts and cooperation among people resulted in keeping the damage to life under control! The Government made a crucial role in rescue and support operations.


Hurricane Florence showed how human beings are largely helpless when a natural calamity strikes. Such disasters simply can’t be avoided. There’s no way to change to course of a hurricane!


Instead, we can prepare for such calamities and stay alert. The preparedness of the USA was on full display when the hurricane was in its nascent stage.


Science and Technology too played a huge role in preparation and rescue efforts. Thanks to out advanced forecast systems and satellite network, it was possible to identify the threat at a very early stage.


Forecast models indicated the threat. It also identified the key areas in the USA, which were most likely to get hit by the hurricane.


As soon as the forecast models and statistics were released, Governors of the identified areas declared a state of emergency. Curfew was imposed at specific areas with the aim of reducing and keeping people out of danger.


Timely inputs from weathermen kept officials aware about the strength and direction of the hurricane. The officials were able to predict that the hurricane will bring with it heavy rain and flooding. The warning helped people evacuate and move to safer places.


The hurricane kept on gaining strength. At its peak, it became a category four major hurricane. At its peak, the winds clocked a speed of 130 mph.


Thanks to the timely forecast and constant observation of the hurricane, the authorities were able to plan-out rescue and evacuation efforts. Evacuation orders were issued wherever necessary. Especially the low-lying areas were being constantly monitored. Residents of these areas were promptly evacuated and moved to safer places.


Educational institutes and offices were closed. Media braved the conditions and kept others updated about the developments in worst affected areas. Reporters risked their lives to capture the action. New age media (relying largely on the internet) too played a huge role in the rescue and evacuation effort.


Co-operation among people was another positive sight one could see during the disaster. Local rescuers, armed forces personnel, the police force, disaster management teams – all of them sprung into action and saved countless lives. The rescuers even gave a helping hand to animals affected by rising water.


Donors from other parts of USA and all over the world have donated generously towards rescue, rehabilitation and rebuilding processes. The affected areas would need millions of dollars to speed up rehabilitation work.


Agriculture is one of the worst hit industry. Large area of land was flooded. It resulted in loss of crop, livestock and equipment.


Natural disasters can’t be avoided. One can’t change the course of its path. But we sure can stay prepared and alert. Thanks to technology, we now can detect hurricanes quite early. This advanced knowledge can be used to our advantage. Based on these inputs, the authorities can plan and enact evacuation and rescue operations. It’d simply enhance the efficiency of these operations.


We must also remain alert and sharp (physically and mentally). During time of crisis, we must always give a helping hand to others in need. We must give special attention to aged people, women and children. We must also help animals caught in the turmoil.


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At the end of the day, natural disasters like hurricane Florence tests our resilience and strength. We can either curse our luck and remain bogged down or fight back and get back on our feet. The entire nation is with us and we shall soon recover completely from Hurricane Florence.


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