Essay on Disaster Management

Despite the technological advancements made by mankind, we still are vulnerable to disasters. Disasters can be classified into two main types – natural disasters and man-made disasters.

Disaster Management

Natural or man-made, disasters impact our lives in multiple ways. Loss of lives, property and financial losses – these are the main ways in which a disaster affects us!


Each year, the USA faces its fair share of natural disasters. The wildfire in South California is the latest entrant into the list of natural disasters to strike USA this year! Earlier, hurricane Harvey had terrorized the residents of Texas!


The list of man-made disasters is even bigger! Oil spills, explosions, man-made fires – such disasters come unannounced every now and then!


Disaster Management, if carried out efficiently, can help reduce the loss of lives! Government, people, relevant organizations and rescue forces should join hands to make disaster management successful!


Disaster management is not just limited to rescue action taken after the disaster strikes. In fact, prevention is the first and foremost step of disaster management.


Take USA for example. We all know how some parts of USA are prone to hurricanes. Each year, these parts witness the arrival of a strong hurricane.


In such cases, disaster management should start with planning and preventive measures. Evacuation plans, emergency procedures etc should be prepared well in advance!


Technology can also help us out here! Using weather forecasting technology and satellites, we can predict the path, strength and schedule of a hurricane. This data can be used to plan evacuation operations!


In case of natural disasters, prevention is not always possible. Consider earthquakes as an example. They mostly occur unannounced, without any warning.


But when it comes to man-made disasters, following certain precautions and preventive measures can help stop them from occurring! Consider man-made forest fires as an example.


If we follow guidelines set by the Government, we can minimize the occurrence of man-made forest fires! Oil spills, explosions and other man-made disasters can also be prevented in this way!


Rescue personnel and security forces also play a huge role in disaster management. When a disaster strikes, forces such as fire fighters, police and trained professionals are deployed by the Government.


The above mentioned professionals can help speed up rescue operations. Government should ensure that they are well equipped and have access to state-of-the-art technology!


Apart from that, the Government should also train people. It should spread awareness among people about different types of disasters. Training people in areas such as first aid and basics of disaster management will help them a lot!


Rehabilitation of the people affected is the last part of disaster management. Victims suffer financial loss, physical and psychological trauma! It is the task of the Government to help rehabilitate the victims!


In short, if the Government and people remain prepared, disaster management can become more efficient. Technology will play a key role in the effectiveness of disaster management!


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