Essay on College Life

College life forms an integral part of our lives. It is a phase that shapes our career and the rest of our lives. College life marks the end of school life. It is during this time that one becomes self-dependent.

College life experience

For students, the mere thought of leaving school and joining a College will sound terrible at first. For them, the prospect of leaving home and living in a hostel will sound terrible at first. In short, not many us will like the ‘initial experience’ of joining a College.


But once College life starts, there is no looking back! Experiences gained during college days will last a lifetime. Skills gained during this phase will help one throughout his/her life. Friendships forged during this phase will last a lifetime!


Though the main aim of College is to impart professional skills and education to students, it is not just limited to the above mentioned things. A College nurtures its students’ personality, it instills in them moral values. In short, it makes us better human beings and citizens of this country.


‘Freedom’ is the most precious gift that College students get to enjoy. Most of the College students live in hostels, away from their parents. For the first time in their lives, they are away from their parents and on their own.


At first, this separation might seem uncomfortable. With time, students will start appreciating this new found freedom!


If utilized properly, freedom can teach them many things. They can learn useful skills like cooking, cleaning, washing clothes and being self-dependent. If misused, this freedom can lead to one’s fall! It is not uncommon to see students falling prey to drugs, illegal activities and poor academic performance.


Let us talk about career. College is the place where we give shape to our career. The professional courses we pursue during College life will decide the fate of our career. Be it sports, arts, or any other career, College life is the door that leads one to it.


Friendship forged in a College hostel will last for a lifetime. Thanks to events such as parties and cultural fests, students develop confidence, social skills and management skills. These skills will help them out significantly in future.


One should enjoy college life. At the same time, it shouldn’t be just fun and games. One must also focus on academics and extra curricular activities. One must learn to appreciate the freedom that college life provides. Remember, it is a phase of life that arrives just once, so make the most of it!


College life gives a lot of opportunities to students. Build you career, make new friends, interact with like-minded people, collect a lifetime worth of memories – make the most of it while you are there!


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