Essay on Ronaldinho

I’m a football enthusiast. I’m in love with the beautiful game. So, my favorite sportsperson has to a footballer. And my favorite is none other than the great Ronaldinho. He is my idol and a source of joy for football fans from around the world.


This essay is dedicated to Ronaldinho. His real name is Ronaldo de Assis Moreira. But he’s popularly known as Ronaldinho Gaucho or simply as Ronaldinho. His fans like to call him ‘The Magician’. And on the football field, he is simply a magician.


The thing I like most about him is that he plays with a smile on his face. Every time he sets his foot on the field, he has that trademark smile on his face. He even brandishes that smile while the referee cautions or penalizes him!


Ronaldinho is one such player who has very less haters. Even opponents love and respect him. How can we forget his scintillating game where he demolished Real Madrid single-handedly. Such was his performance that rival fans stood up and applauded him.


Looking from a football lover’s point of view, watching Ronaldinho is pure joy! He is supremely talented and gifted. In other terms, it can be said that he was born to play football and entertain people with his performances.


He has excellent dribbling skills and ball control. He is not afraid to pull out an exciting trick from his bag of tricks. His dribbles would often leave his opponents behind him, confused.


He made things look so easy on the field. He could pull of those difficult tricks with ease. But things weren’t very easy and smooth for him in the beginning.


He started playing football from a very young age. This little guy would play football with elder children. And he’d dribble past them all, with the ball sticking to his feet.


From the beginning, it was evident that Ronaldinho was immensely talented. His tricks, dribbles and movements can be attributed to his love for Futsal. It was through Futsal that he stepped on to the world of professional football.


His club career started with the Brazilian club Gremio. He has played for clubs such as PSG (France), FC Barcelona and AC Milan.


His most memorable and rewarding spell was with Spanish giants FC Barcelona. At Barcelona, he played alongside the likes of Andres Iniesta, Xavi, Lionel Messi and Carles Puyol.


With his trademark smile, silky skills and bag of tricks, he quickly became a favorite among the fans. He has won many accolades (team and personal) with FC Barcelona. His trophy collection includes the League title, Champions League, Spanish Cup and countless more trophies. He’s also a Ballon d’Or winner.


He has tasted great success with the National side too. He represented Brazil at World Cups and other important tournaments. Since his International debut, he went on and forged a place for himself in the squad. With the National team, he has won the FIFA World Cup, Confederations Cup and Copa America.


His retirement came as a shock for me. I realized the fact that Ronaldinho would no longer lighten up matches with his magic! He was a joy to watch. Football world will celebrate his career for a long time to come!


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