Essay on Roger Federer

I love to watch and play tennis. Do you know how I fell in love with this game? I simply fell in love with this game after watching Roger Federer glide skillfully all over the court! Yes, he is my favorite sportsperson and idol!

Roger Federer

Roger is idol and role model to millions of fans around the world. He is an outstanding tennis player and a humble human being.


Fans, pundits and tennis enthusiasts regard him as the greatest player of all time. His impressive collection of titles and awards prove that this fact is true!


Federer was born on 8th August, 1981 in Switzerland. As a child, he played different sports such as badminton, basketball and tennis. Ultimately, he decided to pursue tennis and left behind other games!


He turned pro in 1998. For the first four years of his professional career, he was regarded as a mediocre player. He was not outstanding or exceptionally graceful in initial stages of his pro career.


His breakthrough performance came in the year 2003. Since then, he dominated the men’s category with his stellar performances. In 2015, he earned his 1000th victory, an impressive milestone.


2016 saw him struggle with injuries. He underwent surgery and came back stronger! He marked his return with a record eighth Wimbledon title. In 2018, he created history by winning 20th Grand Slam title!


He is still doing pretty well in the international circuit. For Switzerland, he has won Olympic medals on two occasions.


His collection of titles is as impressive as his graceful performance on the pitch. He has won twenty grand slam titles so far.


I’ve learned a lot from his career and life. First of all, I’d like to appreciate his patience and perseverance. In initial stages of his career, he faced numerous setbacks and losses. But he kept on trying and his breakthrough performance came in 2003. There has been no looking back since then!


He has struggled with injuries in between. But he kept his calm, worked hard and made his way back to the top!


On the court, he is not too aggressive or vocal. He lets his racket do the talking! He is a very elegant and graceful player.


Off the court, he is a gentleman and humble human being. He is very well known for his charity and philanthropic activities. He is known to personally visit areas hit by natural calamities.


He is also known to organize and take part in fund raisers and charity matches. Despite being a busy athlete and superstar, he finds time to take part in such initiatives. This shows us how good a human being he is!


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Federer’s career and life teaches us many valuable lessons. Importance of hard work, patience, perseverance and humility – these are some of his qualities I admire.


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