Essay on Ricky Ponting

Ricky Ponting is my sporting idol! He is my favorite sportsperson. This essay is dedicated to him! In this essay, I’ve explained why he is my favorite cricketer and his qualities that I love.

Ricky Ponting

Ricky was born into a sporting family. He was born on 19 December, 1974. His dad used to play Australian rules football and Club cricket. His mother used to play Vigoro. His uncle is none other than Greg Campbell, who used to play Test Cricket for Australia.


His family’s sporting culture had an early influence on him. Since early childhood, he started playing cricket. He played for Clubs at different age levels.


He caught everyone’s attention in a junior cricket tournament by scoring four centuries in a week! Gradually, he made his way up the ranks at junior level cricket.


He was rewarded for his efforts when he landed a training stint at Australian Cricket Academy. In the domestic circuit, he represented Tasmania. For Tasmania, he scored runs at an impressive rate! Pundits, spectators and selectors could see the quality he possessed.


His international career kicked off in 1995. On the back of his rich vein of form in Domestic Circuit, he was awarded his first international match in the year 1995.


There has been no looking back since then! Since the start of his international career, he put up stellar shows at the crease.


Gradually, he reached the doorstep of captaincy! Selectors could see in him all the qualities that a captain should possess – motivation, hunger for success, confidence, skills, respect among teammates and passion for the game.


Ricky Ponting has won two Cricket World Cups. This achievement alone speaks volumes about his captaincy and leadership skills.


Ricky captained a talented Australia team to two World Cup wins. Yes, those teams had some of the outstanding Australian cricketers we’ve ever had. Still, the way Ricky captained this side deserved much respect and applause.


As a captain, Ricky always lead from the front. He always set an example for his teammates to follow! He instilled numerous good qualities in his players. The will to win or will to win at any cost is one such trait that I admire the most.


Ricky was a captain who was hungry for success. He wanted victory at any cost. Seeing their captain give his one hundred percent on the pitch used to motivate his players.


Ricky wasn’t invincible though! He has had rough phases in his career. The year 1998 was not very fruitful for him. His bat was awfully quite during Test and ODI matched conducted during that phase.


But he bounced back. And it shows the champion’s spirit that he possesses! Some of his qualities that I’d like to inculcate are – determination, passion, courage, never-quit attitude and burning hunger for success.


Ricky is retired now. Still, his personality and performances will inspire generations of Australians!


I wish Ricky would don the role of Australian Cricket’s coach and bring with him his famous determination and winning mentality to the team! The team could definitely use these traits at the moment. Well, we all could use these traits and excel in life!


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