Essay on Mohamed Salah

Mohamed Salah is my favorite footballer. To be honest, he is my hero and idol. There are many reasons why I love him. His performances on the pitch is a major factor. But there are other factors too. In this essay, I’ll reveal them all.

Mohamed Salah

Mohamed Salah is a popular Egyptian footballer. I’m not Egyptian. I belong to UK. Still, I love this guy! I admire the way he conducts himself on the pitch.


I started observing this player since his days at Italian club AS Roma. But he grabbed my eyeballs after he arrived in UK. After he joined Liverpool FC, he has put up many stellar performances.


On the field, he is a magician. He can score goals and set other players up. Whenever the ball reaches his feet, we can expect a miracle! He is capable of pulling something magical each time he gets the ball.


I’ve had the fortune of watching him play at the Anfield on a couple of occasions. He is an absolute favorite among the fans. They love him so much that they’ve created a song for this fellow! They make it a point to chant it whenever he receives the ball. Fans lovingly call him ‘The Pharoah’.


Speed, agility, tricks, dribbles – these are some of the things that come to my mind while talking about Mohamed Salah. He is insanely fast on the pitch! With and without the ball at his feet, it is very difficult to keep up with this guy!


He is a prolific goalscorer. He has been scoring goals consistently in the Premier League.


He started his career at El Mokawloon club in Egypt. Through his scintillating displays on the field, he attracted the attention of numerous European clubs. He chose Swiss club FC Basel.


He continued his good performances with new club FC Basel. Basel was followed by stints at Chelsea, Fiorentina and AS Roma. Seeing his stellar performances, he was signed by English club Liverpool FC.


There has been no looking back since then! Salah has rewarded Liverpool’s faith by scoring plenty of goals for the club. Though he could’t take them to the Premier League title yet, he will help them lift the trophy in near future.


Salah was supposed to light up the FIFA World Cup 2018. But injuries didn’t let him play to his full potential. Many of his fans expected him to carry Egypt to a respectable finish. But without Salah’s magic, the team failed to click and saw an early exit.


But Mohamed Salah is a young player. He still has a couple of World Cups left in him. Hopefully, he will light up World Cup tournaments in the future with his brilliant displays.


Salah has set many records to his name. He has also won many titles and individual honors with the clubs he has represented so far. He still has a long way to go. In the future, he will bag more awards and honors for sure!


Off the pitch, Salah is a very humble man. He is a religious guy and doesn’t have that super-star attitude. He is very humble and down to earth guy. He is always ready to take photos with his fans and sign autographs for them. He also likes to keep in touch with his fans through social media.


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