Essay on Lionel Messi

By looks, he may seem short and weak. But in reality, Lionel Messi is a beast of a football player. I fell in love with football due to Messi! He is arguably the best football player on this planet!

Lionel Messi

Former players, colleagues, managers and journalists – many of them have hailed Leo Messi as the greatest player of all time. Through his scintillating displays for FC Barcelona and the Argentina National team, he has won the hearts of many fans.


Fans and Media have christened him with names such as – the Little Magician, the God, the Greates of All Time etc. To an extent, Leo more than deserves these fan-awarded titles and nicknames!


Lionel Messi is my idol and favorite footballer. There are many reasons why I like him. First and foremost comes the way he plays. For a large part of his career, Leo has been a one club man.


He has been a loyal servant of FC Barcelona, the Spanish football club. He is easily the best player that Barcelona has in their squad.


He plays with such elegance and grace that it is difficult to take eyes off him! Directly or indirectly, he contributes a lot towards his team’s success on the ground.


Messi is well known for his ball control and dribbling. He can run at high speed with the ball at his feet. Using his skills and moves, he is capable of beating even the toughest and strongest defenders.


He is well known for his shooting and finishing prowess. He scores goals with great consistency. Each year, he makes sure that his goal tally remains amazing! He holds the record for scoring maximum number of goals in a season – 91!


On the field, he is also known for his selfless display. Messi has evolved to become a playmaker now. He has adapted his style of play and now gives adequate importance to his fellow forwards. He is known to create goalscoring chances for them.


Another thing I admire the most about him is the way he handled a crisis. In childhood, little Messi was diagnosed with a growth hormone deficiency. This condition could have ended his career before it even started!


But Leo didn’t lose hope. By displaying his talent through trials, he convinced the authorities at FC Barcelona to invest in his treatment.


Leo’s parents were financially not well off. Hormone therapy and treatment was something that they could only dream about.


But thanks to FC Barcelona, Leo was able to get a new life! He moved with his family to Spain, where he got treatment and started playing for the Club’s youth team.


Yes, Leo is incredibly gifted. But then there are other players too, who are genuinely gifted, but fail to make a mark on the field. Messi uses his gifts and talent very well.


And like any other good sportsperson, he gives adequate importance to practice. He has honed his skills through constant practice. Former coaches and teammates have lauded his dedication and work ethic!


He was won many titles with his club – FC Barcelona. It includes multiple La Liga titles, King’s Cups, Champions League and other League Cups. For the Argentina National team, he came close to winning the World Cup and Copa America, leading as Captain.


Talking about individual honors, Leo has an impressive collection to show off! Five Ballon d’Ors, 4 European Golden Shoes and numerous top scorer awards – Leo’s personal accolades are very impressive.


Apart from that, he also has numerous records to his name. These records are related to goalscoring and assists.


I find Leo’s life very inspiring. When I feel down, I use his life story to derive some inspiration. If Leo can overcome a career-threatening disease, I can easily overcome the little obstacle that I’m facing!


Despite achieving so much in life, he remains humble. This is a quality that I admire in him the most!


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