Essay on LeBron James

LeBron James of my favorite sportsperson. He is my role model. He is a source of inspiration for budding basketball players from around the world. This essay is dedicated the greatest basketball player of my generation – LeBron James.

LeBron James

He is regarded by many as the best basketball player of all time. He is definitely one of the best in the business at the moment.


Money, fame, hordes of loyal fans – James has got it all. He is living a life that many of us wish we had! But it hasn’t been a walk in the park for him. He struggled a lot to reach the heights that he has achieved today.


LeBron James was born in Akron, Ohio on December 30, 1984. He had a tough childhood. His father had criminal records against his name. But his father was largely absent from his life.


His mother played a huge role in his upbringing. She did odd jobs and raised her son. As a child, James spent time in notorious areas of Ohio. His family would move from one apartment to another.


His mother had a hard time holding on to a steady job. This led to a life where they’d hop from one apartment to another. Luckily, a man named Frank Walker walked into his life. Frank was a local youth football coach.


Frank took young James under his wings. It was Frank who introduced James to basketball. This twist of luck worked well for LeBron.


He started playing basketball at the age of nine. At first, he had a casual approach towards the game. Gradually, he started growing an interest in the game. This resulted in him playing organized basketball.


He played for an Amateur Athletic Union basketball club. At this club, he, along with his teammates put up many memorable performances. This was LeBron’s stepping stone towards a glistening high school career.


The AAU stint helped him identify his skills and potentials. He now knew that he could make it big at the grandest stage of basketball.


At high school level, his team faced highly rated teams from across the USA. They even had the chance to lock horns with all-star-teams from around the USA. In each game, James made heads turn with his supreme skills and technique.


By this time, he was a favorite among basketball lovers and fans. His mere presence would attract large crowds to the game.


It was quite evident that this boy was special. He was destined for greatness. Let us talk about his professional career now. In his professional career, he has represented Cleveland Cavaliers, Miami Heat and LA Lakers. He is still going strong with the Lakers.


One just can’t wonder how he maintains his consistency. No matter which team he played for, he’d always chip in with a match winning performance. Yes, he has had his lean patches and periods of lows. But largely, his career has been very consistent so far.


Season after season, he still remains highly prolific and efficient. He performs better than players much younger to him. This speaks volumes about his consistency.


LeBron is a winner. His attitude, determination and discipline – these traits have played a huge role in ensuring his success. So far in his career, he has won loads of team and personal accolades. He has won multiple NBA championship titles, NBA MVP titles, Scoring champion titles etc.


He has tasted equal success with the National team too. He has represented the USA Men’s National Basketball team at various events and tournaments. In the Olympic Games, he has represented his country and won three medals (two gold and one bronze).


His life hasn’t been full of ups and good times! He has had bad phases pop its head in his career. Injuries have marred his performance on various occasions. He has made controversial decisions in his career. But each time, he has bounced back and redeemed himself. His controversial transfer saga had made him a villain in front of fans and the media. But he gracefully regained his popularity among fans and got back into their good books!


I’ve learned many valuable lessons from the life and career of LeBron. One such valuable lesson is – never give up. I always look at the way LeBron comes with crucial three points in the dying seconds of a game. He refuses to give up until the last whistle is blown. It is a great quality and I’d like to inculcate it in my life.


Another important lesson that one can learn from his life is – there is no substitute for hard work and dedication. There’s no denying the fact that LeBron is tremendously gifted. Right from the start, he was insanely talented. But his success on and off the court can’t just be attributed to his talent. Behind his success is countless hours of practice. His life teaches us that nothing is impossible in this world to achieve.


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