Essay on Gianluigi Buffon

Being an Italian, my favorite sportsperson is Gianluigi Buffon. Football is a very popular sport in Italy. Italy has produced many footballing icons. Among them, Buffon is my favorite sportsperson!

Buffon Essay

Gianluigi Buffon is fondly called Gigi. He is one of the best Goalkeepers to have played football!


Buffon was born on 28 January, 1978 in Carrara, Italy. Born into a family of athletes, he soon found himself loving football!


His parents were processional athletes. His sisters played volleyball for the Italian National team! Naturally, sports ran in the Buffon family’s DNA! It was a matter of time before little Gigi found his favorite sport!


Gigi chose football. In Italy, children prefer to don attacking roles on football pitch. Few are interested in becoming defensive players and goalkeepers.


Little Gigi liked the prospect of becoming a goalkeeper. He used to love the prospect of defending his team’s goal. He idolized the legendary goalkeeper Thomas N’Kono.


In his youth Buffon became a player to watch out for. He garnered everyone’s attention with his stunning performances between the sticks. He earned everyone’s praises – managers, teammates and fans!


It was just a matter of time before he landed his first professional contract. He started his professional club career at Parma.


Through his good performances, he stood out in the team. For a talented goalkeeper like Buffon, it was just a matter of time before a bigger team came for his signature.


From Parma, Buffon joined Italian giant Juventus. Since then, he has been a loyal servant to the club.


After initial success with the club, a dark phase followed. Italian Football was marred by a match fixing scandal and Juventus were relegated to a lower division.


Many top layers left the sinking ship. Buffon and a handful of players decided to stay on. This shows his loyalty towards the club!


Buffon has been rewarded for his loyalty! He has won the Italian League on numerous occasions with Juventus!


Buffon has also represented Italy at the National level. The highest point in his International career has to be the World Cup victory in 2006. Against all odds, the Italian team emerged triumphant. And Gigi played a huge role in that memorable journey.


Despite playing at the highest level for so long, he remains humble. This is a quality that I admire a lot! Besides that, I also admire his loyalty. He showed the courage to stay on in a sinking ship, despite getting offers from other clubs!


Buffon’s life teaches us the importance of discipline, hardwork, patience and loyalty. No matter how low you fall, you must have the courage to get up and climb up – this is what Buffon’s career and life teaches us!


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