Essay on Francesco Totti

Francesco Totti is a living legend! For supporters of Italian Club AS Roma, he is the King of Rome! Totti has fans fans hailing from different parts of the world. I’m one of them! I hail from Denmark. But I love this Italian Gladiator. This essay is dedicated to Francesco Totti – my source of inspiration, my idol and my favorite footballer.

Francesco Totti

Francesco Totti spent his entire career at AS Roma . His retirement announcement casted a spell of gloom among his fans and AS Romal loyals. The fact that their favorite captain would no longer play for the club was not easy for them to swallow!


Being a one-club-man, he is revered by Roma supporters. For them, he is a living legend. And Totti considers himself to be a loyal servant of the club. Probably that’s why he took on the role of Director at the club.


Hopefully, his passion and love for this club will drive it to days of glory! In modern day football, loyalty is very hard to find. Take a look at the list of professional football players (modern day players) who spent their entire career at one club. Yes, such players are rare.


Francesco Totti is a one-club-man. This shows how loyal he is, towards the club he loves. Totti was a gifted player. He could don different attacking roles on the pitch. He was marked by numerous heavy-weight clubs across Europe.


Many clubs tried to tempt and lure him away from Rome. They offered money and many other temptations. But Totti, being the one-club-man he is, simply ignored these offers.


Since his childhood, Totti was an avid Roma fan. He idolized Roma midfielder Giuseppe Giannini. Since the tender age of eight, he played for various local football clubs in his neighborhood.


Since early days, he displayed his mastery on the pitch. This led to him being marked by scouts across Italy. Lazio, Milan and Roma scouts had marked him as a prospect by then!


It is quite interesting to note that he almost joined Lazio’s youth side (when the Lazio scout approached his parents). But some things are destined to happen. Young Totti joined AS Roma’s youth set-up.


At the young age of sixteen, Totti played for the senior team of AS Roma for the first time. There has been no looking back since then! He has put up many memorable performances for the club since then.


Attacking midfield, left-wing, striker – he was deployed on all these positions. And he did equal justice to all these roles. Personally, I enjoyed his performances as an attacking midfielder. This role allowed him to utilize his two major strengths – passing and creativity.


Totti gave Roma fans many memorable performances. His neat passes, marauding runs and chip goals gave Roma fans immense pleasure!


But it hasn’t been sunshine all along for Totti in his career. On various occasions, he has struggled for form. On some occasions, he was so out-of-form that he used to remain benched for long. Injuries too played a major role in putting him out of action for the club.


But on each occasion, he bounced back. This is a classic characteristic of a true champion. In the latter stages of his career, he showed us all how age is just a number! despite his old age, he gave us memorable performances on the pitch.


With AS Roma, he has won many accolades – team as well as personal. He has many records to his name too (such as highest goalscorer for the club).


Totti tasted success with the National team too. He is a World Cup winner and Euro finalist. On the international stage, he has won notable personal titles such as – Golden Shoe and Golden Foot.


I’ll respect this legend forever. I hope that he takes AS Roma to great heights in the future.


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