Essay on Brian Lara

Brian Lara is my cricketing idol. He is a batting legend. He’s one of the best batsmen West Indies has ever produced. He’s known for his technique and skills. He is regarded as one of the best modern day batsmen to have played International cricket.

Brian Lara

This essay is dedicated to Brian Lara. For fans, he is simply known as ‘The Prince’. And he has a strong personality that is fit for a king!


Lara was born on 2 May, 1969 in Trinidad and Tobago. He started playing cricket at the age of six. It was his dad who enrolled him at a coaching clinic. Lara was tremendously gifted – this fact was evident from the very start.


But the coaching helped him perfect his technique from an early age. This helped him greatly in his senior career.


Lara played in youth tournaments and impressed everyone with his batting skills. He played in tournaments belonging to different age groups.


The next step was – First Class Cricket. At this level, he represented Trinidad and Tobago. He went on to captain his side at a very young age. In the process, he played many memorable innings and created many more records.


Soon, selectors of the National side came knocking at his door. In the year 1990, he made his test debut against Pakistan.


In his illustrious career, Lara played many decisive and memorable knocks. His efforts saved his team on many occasions. He has had a very successful Test and ODI career at the international level.


Brian has fans and followers from around the world. He acquires such a large fan following through his scintillating displays on the field.


What’s the first thing that comes to your mind while talking about Lara. Probably the quadruple century he scored, to the joy of spectators. Lara is well known for playing mammoth knocks.


He holds a truly unique record. He is the only player to have scored a century, double century. triple century, quadruple century and quintuple century in first class games (senior level). It is not an ordinary feat that can be pulled off easily!


This unique record shows how skillful he is at batting! He simply lets the bat do the talking on the pitch. He is simply elegant and outstanding with the bat. His stroke-play is silky and smooth. His stamina is exceptional. He can stay at the crease for long duration, frustrating bowlers in the process!


For test enthusiasts, Lara is a joy to watch. He keeps them entertained with his impeccable timing of shots and impressive array of strokes.


Yes, Lara is tremendously talented and gifted. But one simply can’t ignore the hard work that he has put to his game. Over time, he has polished and perfected his technique. Those silky drives may seem elegant and easy on the eye. But he has spent hours perfecting that technique on the field.


Champions are not born in a day. They are made through constant practice, determination and discipline. Lara is a shining example of this fact.


Lara announced his retirement in 2007. In 2012, Lara was inducted into the ICC Hall of Fame.


Lara is a legend. His fans, supporters and lovers of cricket will fondly remember his performances on the pitch and the contributions he made to the game. I admire the way he conducted himself on and off the pitch. Despite being a superstar, he was humble.


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