Essay on Alastair Cook

This essay is dedicated to Alastair Cook, my favorite cricketer. He is a true gentleman and a skilled cricketer. Recently, he announced his retirement from International Cricket. This announcement came as a shock to fans (including myself) around the world. His career is worth cherishing and celebrating. In this essay, we will do the same!

Alastair Cook

Cook is one of the best batsmen of the modern era. His performances in Test Cricket can be termed as ‘Poetic’. Just take his last outing against India as an example. He scored a ton in his last innings.


Conditions were testing. It was not easy to stay at the crease. Still, Alastair Cook managed to score a ton. He made it look very simple and effortless. That’s his specialty. He is so skillful and elegant that he makes things look ridiculously easy!


Since childhood, Alastair Cook showed his excellence on a cricket pitch. His father was interested in village cricket. This is the main reason why he was drawn towards this game.


But did you know that Alastair Cook has a soft corner for music in his heart? As a child, he used to practice the clarinet.


Since early days, he used to play for his school’s cricket team. He used to put up impressive batting displays each time.


This gave him many good opportunities to display his skills at a higher level. Soon, it was time for young Cook to kick-off his County career! Essex gave him his County debut. Since the start, he impressed everyone with his batting prowess.


He was too mature and clam for his age. This trait captured the attention of pundits, coaches and journalists. The Officials at ECB kept an eye on the young lad. They knew that this was something special!


In 2006, a young Alastair was called to join the England squad. It must have been a dream come true for him. But if we look at that instance, it was bound to happen. With the talent and skills he possessed, it was impossible to keep Cook out of the team for long!


In his debut season, he put on stellar performances. He scored impressive centuries against strong teams such as India, Pakistan and Bangladesh. The way he soaked up the pressure of playing at the highest level is worth appreciating!


He represented England in ODI format too. But he has had limited success in the limited overs format. But when it comes to test cricket, he is one of the best batsmen England has ever produced.


His performances in Ashes series will be remembered by England fans for a long time. Even the Australians will remember how England team annihilated their side under the captaincy of Cook!


In order to thrive in test cricket, one must possess qualities such as – discipline, patience, technique, skills, stamina, courage and determination. Alastair possessed all these qualities. He had abundance of technique and skill. Through practice, he developed skills such as stamina and concentration.


He is definitely talented. He was born with some of those skills and traits. But still it’d tale a lot of practice to reach the heights he has conquered. We must all try to inculcate these skills in our lives!


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He has a large number of records against his name. He is the leading run-scorer for England. He is the highest scoring left-handed batsman in test cricket. If I were to list all of his records, it will take quite some time and ink to finish!


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